We want to be resurrected, but we don’t want to die.

For the faithful, death is like a second birth. When a child is born, it has to leave the familiar , dark habitat. Through pain and cry it is separated from its previous existence in order to be born into a new world.
I think it will be like that when God’s eternity breaks into our time. When we are raised from the earthly life to the Eternal Life.
And we may rejoice that at the end of our lives there is not death but the life that God has promised us. And this certainty is to let us live right now. It should revive us in joy. we wish all of us an Easter faith that breaks the shells of skepticism [editor’s note: he had previously spoken of the Easter customs concerning eggs…], opens to the benefits of the Risen One.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we always want to know ahead of time what is to come. We want to be resurrected, but we don’t want to die.
I will only know that death does not kill me after I have died.

The light of Easter enlightens the horror of the women, when the angel rolls back the stone of the grave. So the no longer need to look for the living among the dead. In the light of Easter there is new hope in which we do not see death, but eternity.


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